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Training for ultra-violet nanoimprinting lithography, hot-embossing nanoimprinting lithography and advanced processing systems will be announced soon.

MNSL received an invitation to be involved in an international collaboration to establish a core research program on Advanced Manufacturing Science for Future Systems. The proposed collaborators are The University of Tokyo, Fraunhofer IZM, McMaster University, University of California at Santa Barbara, RWTH Aachen University, Old-Dominion University, University of Michigan, National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), and Fuji-electric Co., Ltd. The research program includes nano- and bio-technologies.

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The  Micro- and Nano-System Laboratory (MNSL) at McMaster University. MNSL is a unique facility in North America offering fabrication, characterization and integration of different materials, components and devices at multiple length scales. For example, Nano-Bonding and –Interconnect System (NBIS) and Nanoimprinting Lithography System (NIL) provide fabrication and integration of nanometer scale structures and devices. Research using MNSL infrastructure spans from fundamental areas such as molecular interactions during bonding to applied relating to miniaturization of emerging systems for health and environmental applications. (Background)

This website provides a glimpse into the infrastructure capabilities and research areas in MNSL. MNSL is looking forward to providing you these services.  Please visit our Contact Us page for opportunities. 


To create innovative micro- and nano-systems for environmental and health applications, by integrating devices and components from cutting-edge, seemingly dissimilar technologies, through world-class interdisciplinary research and technology development.


On March 26, 2014 at ITB, Ishwar Puri, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Peter Mascher, Associate Dean (Research and External Relations), Faculty of Engineering welcomed Celestica and faculty members and discussed technical fronts of mutual interests. McMaster’s research initiatives on optolectronics (Peter Mascher), microscopy (Gianlugi Botton), nano-micro systems (Jamal Deen, MNSL), communication systems (Tim Davidson), biomaterials and nanostructures (Igor Zhitomirsky), computing and software (Bill Farmer) and photovoltaic (John Preston) were included in the discussion.  After the meeting, lab tours were arranged at Biointerfaces Institute (John Brennan), Micro- and Nano-Systems Laboratory (Jamal Deen), Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy (Gianlugi Botton), and Centre for Emerging Device Technologies (Rafael Kleiman).

 On March 20, 2014, M. Jamal Deen, Director of MNSL presented an invited talk on Nanobonding Technologies for Future Nano- and Micro-Systems at the International Symposium on Advanced Manufacturing Science for Future Systems arranged by the University of Tokyo, Japan.